The Catalyst surveyed closed on June 22, 2023. If you would like to provide additional feedback to the Task Force, please email, or complete the anonymous feedback form.

To better understand inclusion at WashU, the WashU Medicine Executive Faculty Task Force on Climate and Culture wants and needs your input. On June 1, 2023, all faculty, staff, students and trainees received an email invitation to participate in a schoolwide survey. Your honest feedback is crucial for the Task Force to learn what aspects of the WashU Medicine culture are strong, and where we need to focus our efforts for improvement.

The survey is developed and administered by WashU’s external consultant, Catalyst, and is called the Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator survey. The proprietary survey is focused on inclusion in the workplace and has been administered to hundreds of large organizations around the world.

Your participation matters

  • Change begins with each of us; your honest, open feedback will inform our recommendations to improve and sustain a culture of safety and inclusion at WashU School of Medicine.
  • Creating a more inclusive environment at WashU is of critical importance to our university leadership. We care about your views and want your voice to be heard.
  • The survey should take only 10 minutes to complete. It will run for three weeks, so please be sure to complete it by the deadline: June 22, 2023.

Anonymous and confidential

  • Survey responses are completely anonymous and confidential. Catalyst will receive responses and personal data directly, and no one at WashU will ever have access to individual responses, raw data or identifiable results.
  • We cannot track who responds to the survey invitation, and the IP address used to respond to the survey is not collected.
  • If any subgroup has <15 responses, the Task Force will not receive data pertaining to that subgroup; those individuals’ data will be aggregated into data from larger groups.

Sharing the results

  • Late this summer, Catalyst will provide survey results to the Task Force, along with their analyses of the qualitative data gathered through focus groups and one-on-one leader interviews. The Task Force then will work with Catalyst to interpret the results, generate recommendations and, finally, draft a report.
  • We anticipate to release our report and recommendations by the end of 2023.