As a Task Force, we will develop a report that documents areas for improvement and proposes action items to enhance our culture. This work will focus specifically on the challenges that are particular to our medical school academic environment, with the following charges:

  • Gather data and assess the current state of resources for addressing and preventing sexual harassment and gender discrimination among faculty, students and trainees.
  • Develop recommendations for improving faculty and learner education and training regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination. This will include raising awareness of existing policies; clarifying reporting obligations and channels; improving training on bystander intervention; and recommendations regarding how best to address problematic behavior and its impact on others.
  • Develop recommendations for improving the reporting process and ensuring accountability in instances of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and misconduct.
  • Develop recommendations for improving overall workplace culture at the School of Medicine to ensure that all members of our community are safe and supported in their work and studies.