A call to action for our community

We at Washington University School of Medicine are incredibly proud of the caliber of our work and the strength of our commitment to a culture that supports diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our mission

We recognize that diversity, equity and inclusion not only hold intrinsic value, but also enhance our excellence. As individuals and collectively, we are at our best in an environment where everyone is welcomed, valued and celebrated as their most authentic selves.

At the same time, we also are aware of and concerned about elements of the culture here at Washington University School of Medicine that can lead to a negative climate for women, people of color and other vulnerable and marginalized members of our community. 

To address those concerns fully, with transparency and accountability, the Washington University School of Medicine Executive Faculty voted unanimously in December 2022 to convene the Task Force on Climate and Culture.

This task force is charged with identifying underlying aspects of the culture that can lead to a negative climate for vulnerable groups, and we will work to ensure that every individual on campus knows exactly what to do if confronted with inappropriate behavior.

We know that our culture is not derived from a written mission but instead emerges from the lived experience of every member of our community. It is recast and reinforced with each interaction, each and every day. That is why we must be proactive in defining our culture and values, and vigilant in holding ourselves and each other to those values.

None of this change will happen overnight, and it will not happen without your help. We will be seeking your input along the way and keeping you updated on our progress.


MARCH 2023
• Data Review
• Community Discussion Sessions

APRIL 2023
• External Consultant Launch Session

APRIL – MAY 2023
• 1:1 Leader Interviews
• Focus Groups
• Community Discussion Sessions

JUNE 2023
• Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator Survey

• External consultant to report findings to Task Force

AUG – SEPT 2023
• Consultant and Task Force Strategy Meetings

SEPT – DEC 2023
• Task Force to Complete Report

Latest updates

Perspectives from our Task Force members

Throughout the fall, the Task Force is continuing our work to distill your input and shape recommendations to improve and sustain a culture of safety and inclusion. We’d also like to take this time to introduce you to some of the Task Force members who have devoted valuable time and insight throughout this process. This month we’re sharing a brief Q&A with our student representatives.