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Reporting misconduct

The following reporting channels are not emergency services, and reports submitted through these channels may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your public emergency services.

Mistreatment against learners

Misconduct toward medical campus students, residents, fellows or postdocs

Sex-based DISCRIMINATION & harassment
All other misconduct

Mistreatment against others

Misconduct toward WashU faculty, staff, contractors, visitors to campus and other non-learners

Sex-based DISCRIMINATION & harassment
All other misconduct

Reports may be submitted via:

Title IX mandatory reporter requirements: Responding to sexual discrimination and harassment

Title IX is the federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities. Under the law, sexual harassment and sexual violence, which are forms of sex discrimination, are also prohibited. All individuals participating in educational programs or activities that are affiliated with WashU – including faculty, staff, students and third-parties attending university-sponsored events – are protected by Title IX.

Mandatory reporters — including all faculty and most staff members — who either witness or are notified about a potential incident are required to report it to their supervisor or the Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office as soon as possible. Even if a mandatory reporter believes an incident has already been reported, they should share it with their supervisor or the Title IX office. Because the university has a legal obligation to address sexual harassment, mandatory reporters cannot guarantee confidentiality if it conflicts with the university’s obligation to meaningfully investigate or take corrective action.

Policies and procedures

Additional support

External consultant

Catalyst Member Resources: Catalyst is the external consulting group selected by the Task Force to provide expert guidance and resources. Everyone with a email address may access Catalyst’s online materials, including research, learning programs and more

University resources

These confidential spaces exist outside of the reporting mechanisms to provide community members support in dealing with troubling workplace and learning environment situations:

  • Title IX Advisory Committee: Made up of faculty, students and staff from both the Danforth and Medical campuses, this committee provides regular feedback to the Provost and the Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office about the Title IX process, policies and practices, and the university’s efforts in implementing this action plan.
  • Danforth Task Force on Climate and Culture: Similar to the School of Medicine’s Task Force on Climate and Culture, this task force examines the complex ecosystem of faculty mentors, advisors and mentees across Danforth Schools, reviews guidance and makes recommendations for improvements in this area.

Last updated April 10, 2023